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Mortgages 2020 – Why chose your Broker?

With an experienced broker working on your behalf, you protect yourself against losing thousands over the term of the mortgage. It is our role to find the most suitable mortgage and life cover for you, and from the beginning we’re working for you, and not for any one bank or lender.

Your broker also understands it is not easy to navigate your way through all the choices available. And by researching the market for you, we can narrow down the options to make it easier to understand what suits you best.


Throughout the process, this may be the one advantage you will appreciate the most. An experienced broker will work around your schedule, have meetings outside of working hours and will be available on the phone should you have queries at any stage. Unlike the traditional banking model, we can offer you the flexible service that modern life demands. 

And because you are not tied to one lender, if rates and conditions change, we can provide you with further options.


When you choose us you get access to highly trained and qualified mortgage specialists with years of expertise in their field. With trusted professionals who understand the property and mortgage business comprehensively, your application will be in safe hands.

No matter how big a decision you need to make, the same information and research is required and will make your decision easier. And when it comes to securing your mortgage, we can do all this on your behalf. With genuine insight and expert knowledge, we understand the finer details and have been successfully applying for mortgages for many years.


Unlike the banks, we are fully independent. And we are not limited to giving you whatever the latest product is from one single institution. We use our knowledge and expertise to assess the market and select the best product to suit your needs. As your broker, we will shop around on your behalf and having an expert working for you will ensure the best possible outcome. 

We are in business a long time serving clients all over the country. You can be assured your mortgage broker is registered, accredited and authorised as a mortgage credit intermediary with the Central Bank of Ireland. 

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